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long-awaited *snort* update

You know, I've realized recently that my 2011 has really sucked. And it shows no signs of turning around before the year's out.

That's not to say nothing good has happened at all. Most notably, I got to meet Suicide Ali's original bassist Mst at Tekkoshocon and he was extremely awesome, and while it's still technically freelance and thus not the most financially rewarding thing ever, I actually landed a job doing something I enjoy. But otherwise this year has been just disappointment after slump after frustration after stress and it finally all started crashing down on me over the past several weeks. Then to top it all off, now I'm watching my cat slowly die before my eyes.

For several months I've been counting on going to Anime USA in... well, it's next weekend now... which I had hoped would be a much-needed ray of sunshine. But then Ginger got sick and I didn't want to leave her alone for 4 days. Though as of now she hasn't eaten a thing in 2 days and can't even walk more than a few steps or hold her head up right anymore, so I doubt she'll still be around then anyway... but still, due to a bunch of other crap I can't help feeling like it would just be a waste of my time and money.

...I'm not really sure why I came here to write this. I'm tired. This has probably been the longest month and a half of my life, with endless long days and too-short nights piling up on and on and on. And this would be the ideal night to get to bed early for once since my Sunday work actually got done before 4am (before midnight even, gasp) for the first time in weeks. Not that I'll sleep once the lights go out and sensory input is replaced with thoughts and stress and frustration and rage and depression...

*finds it difficult to care*

*gives up*

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