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Kiwamu has decided to donate a portion of the Darkest Labyrinth & Starwave Records online shop profits to SHOW YOUR HEART, a fundraiser for disaster relief in Japan started by none other than Gackt himself, from now until April 30.

If anyone has been thinking about checking out those pretty THE SOUND BEE HD guys (and girl) for a while now, or hasn't bought the latest SUICIDE ALI single yet, or is just looking for some awesome new music from a variety of genres, NOW IS THE TIME.

Buy CDs from this site. Please. Japan needs all the help they can get, and you need all the awesome music you can get your hands on too. ♥

Starwave Records & Darkest Labyrinth news
Starwave Records & Darkest Labyrinth will contribute a part of income from label online shop to "SHOW YOUR HEART" foundation between March 13 to April 30. As the artist, as the label, our power may be small. But we want to help something for earthquake victims.

Label online shop:
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