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THE SOUND BEE HD at Nekocon 2010 - public report (3 of 4)

Arriving now at part 3, which covers the second and busiest day of Nekocon, in which lots of cool stuff happens :D

~Nekocon 2010 - Saturday~

Saturday got off to an early good start simply because I managed to get almost 6 hours of sleep. That NEVER happens at cons. *_* The breakfast bar would be open until 10:30 since it was the weekend, and the band's first event wasn't until noon, so we got up around 9 and still had plenty of time for everyone to shower, change, and head downstairs for breakfast (I went down with just You and Yuichi, but the rest joined us soon after). It was even more crowded since Saturday always brings the heaviest con crowds, but Don managed to find a big empty table in the back that would seat six, and a smaller one just beside it for him and the rest of the staff... so I let You and Yuichi know where we'd be and headed off to the buffet while they waited in line for custom-made omelettes. Don also pointed to a random little table in the middle of the room where Hiro was sitting by himself, so I told him where our bigger table was and he headed that way too... and soon enough Daisuke and Tak found their way downstairs (more cheerful "ohayo"s :D they're so sweet), so I pointed them toward our table as well and we all went our separate ways until our trays were filled.

I must say, it was cool to be able to share a single breakfast table with the entire band despite the insane Saturday crowds. Major props to Don for grabbing it for us. :D So yeah... we talked about their schedule for the day, which would start with the Q&A panel at noon and that they should be ready by 11:30... followed by a couple of interviews in the afternoon and a brief sound check before the concert around the same time in the evening. Roger suggested they go casual to the Q&A since they'd be in makeup ALL DAY if they got done up before that, and after some discussion they agreed to go light until the long break before the concert. A bit later I asked Daisuke if his throat was doing any better, and he shook his head and said this was the worst it had felt in all his 20 years as a vocalist. T___T Poor guy was so frustrated, after spending his whole career dreaming of coming to perform in America only to barely be able to squeak out half of his songs... yet despite the frustration and pain he was still all smiles, and determined to pour every last ounce of strength he had into that night's concert and make it the best night of his life even if it killed him and sjghsktlrhtrfdk why so amazing Daisuke >___<

Ahem, otherwise... at some other point they all got into the subject of me and my Japanese, expressing disbelief over how good I was and asking how I learned and if I understood everything they said and if it was hard and *dies* I swear, they all spent the whole weekend trying their hardest to inflate my ego e_e;;; But yes... not much else went on, so when everyone was finished we headed back upstairs to get ready for the day's events. We had maybe 45 minutes before Roger wanted them ready for their Q&A, and since they were going casual this time, You was the only one to give much attention to her hair and makeup. So as she did that we chatted some more about my work for Kiwamu and his labels and bands and stuff... and soon enough the con's guest liaisons, Biggs and Dave, arrived to walk us over to the panel room.

Of course, we got there well in advance, so not many fans were in the room yet when the band and I took our seats. We spent most of it just sitting there listening while Roger chatted with fans and brought some energy to the room... and even sent one eager girl in the front row running out to recruit more congoers to get their butts in there with us and beef up the audience. XD The crowd wasn't too bad by the time she got back and noon rolled around... somewhere in between Suicide Ali and Luzmelt's Tekkoshocon panel turnouts, maybe.

Finally the panel got started, and went rather well, I must say. Can't really speak for myself, but I felt like I did my best yet in keeping up with their answers and remembering all the details they gave and such. :B Of course, if I did forget anything, it's not like I'd realize it now... but somehow that was the impression I got. I give all credit to The Sound Bee HD. They always make the whole atmosphere feel so easy and comfortable and yeah, they're just the best people to work with. ^___^ I even remember a lot of the questions that came up - some of the typical ones like what music they like, who inspired them, stuff about the band's history and member changes, the ever-popular "what does your band name mean?", what they thought about America, etc. I know the very first question asked them each to sum up the band in one word - and they REALLY racked their brains on that one, hehe. The final answer most of them arrived at was basically "family." D'awwwww. ♥

As for the typical band name question - I already knew from reading previous interviews that music (sound) and bees are two of Daisuke's favorite things, but he expanded on that a bit to explain that the bee is tiny like he is (yes, he said that XD), but despite its size, it has a huge impact on people (namely, everyone's scared of them). And of course this question led to "What does the HD mean?", and he explained that it was added when the band transitioned to making a lot of their music on computers - namely "Hard Disks." It could probably also be taken as "Hi-Def" too, as many people theorized - it just expressed that transition to a more digital music-making process. And hmm... another question that I correctly predicted we'd hear was the one asking You what it was like to be the only girl in the band. She answered that the guys didn't really treat her like a girl at all - that in fact, in many ways she's more manly than they are, so she doesn't feel out of place at all. XD Someone else asked why only Hiro had such elaborate makeup compared to the others, and we learned that it was inspired by Star Wars. :P Another interesting one asked what their most embarrassing moments at concerts were. Most of them answered with things like untimely falls, equipment failures, makeup sweating off, etc... but Yuichi said his worst was when he realized at the end of a concert that the zipper on his pants was completely open. Roger followed that up by asking if he was commando at the time, and he just nodded. XD;; Hahaha, wow...

There were several more entertaining questions too, especially when someone noticed that Hiro wasn't talking much and asked if he was "tired and cranky." He quickly said "No, not at all!" and jumped to his feet to do this goofy YEEEEAH!! thing. XDD Hiro was pretty much the star of the show from then on, haha... see, there was a Sailor Saturn cosplayer in the front row, and thanks to her he decided to answer every question he was asked from then on with "Sailor Moon." XD Favorite anime, who he'd want to cosplay, inspiration... EVERYTHING. Haha, Hiro is a blast. Another entertaining moment was when someone brought up Daisuke's little stunt of stripping Yuichi at the concert the previous night, and asked if he'd do it again the second night... and they both cheerfully said yes, so come watch! XD And... someone else asked if any of the members were dating each other, but I think they misunderstood some part of that and everyone started to point at Hiro for some reason. O_o But eventually we got things cleared up and no, none of them are dating each other LOL. And the last question to come up was, hilariously, "What color underwear are you all wearing?" And even more hilariously, TAK STOOD UP AND PULLED HIS PANTS DOWN. Enough to flash everyone his black underwear with some Disney character printed on the butt. *dies forever* Could any Q&A panel have a better ending than that? XDD;

Soooo Roger decided no question anyone asked could ever top that, and declared the Q&A finished at that point. XD So we herded them off the stage-thingy... and Roger immediately directed my attention to a big foil-covered plate sitting on a table at the side of the room, saying a fan had brought cupcakes for the band and telling me to take them along when we returned to the hotel. So I turned to show the band, got a bit of assistance lifting off the foil, and giggled at their wildly happy reactions to the chocolate cupcakes decorated with those little toy plastic Halloween spider rings. Another money shot for the Tainted Reality Twitter! :B

So with that the band and I headed back to the hotel for an hour or two of downtime before their first interview at 2:30. You and Yuichi wanted some beer, but there was none left in our room, so they decided to try the bar in the hotel lobby... and asked if I'd come too, aww. ^__^ So as we were on our way to the elevators, we could see over the balcony railing that the bar appeared to be closed... but we decided to head down anyway and asked at the hotel restaurant, where the lady at the front desk generously offered to open up the bar long enough to fill up a couple mugs of draft for them. :D So they got their beers and found a spot in the lounge where we could kick back in some squishy chairs and sofas for a while and hang out.

And wow... this was such a great time. ^____^ The first thing they wanted to do was take pictures of their beers, lol... then You told Yuichi to take a picture of her with me, then Yuichi wanted one with me too and aww, haha. Then we just chatted about all kinds of stuff while they drank... starting, I believe, with You's realization that tomorrow was their last day here, and already she didn't want to leave. T__T She went on to say that she did miss her cats though, and Yuichi agreed. She has four and he has two. I sense kindred spirits ♥ And yeah, then Yuichi took out his phone and showed me pictures of his two, so I did the same and broke out my phone to show off my own furball. They both giggled and squee'ed and "kawaii~~~"ed and gah, definitely kindred spirits. 8D We talked about our cats for so long, haha... God, I love it when our bands have cat people ♥

But yes, we talked about a few other things too. XD;; Such as their impressions of America and the people here... they were all impressed by how everyone around us seemed so openly energetic and and outgoing, and so much less restrained than the Japanese people they're used to. That led to a bit of conversation about the Q&A panel, particularly the more personal questions - the "tired and cranky" thing, the underwear thing, the one about members dating, etc. They got a kick out of how straightforward American fans seemed to be. :P

And... the last thing I remember talking about with them was what we should order for lunch. Yuichi randomly had a craving for Chinese after seeing it among the menus we'd shown them the day before, and You said everyone else would be cool with that, so that decision was quickly settled... and that pretty much concluded our happy little afternoon beer chat, so we headed back upstairs to wait out the rest of our break before their interviews. After a few minutes Daisuke came into our room with his throat still absolutely murderated T__T... so I called Roger about sending someone to find him some throat spray medicine, and in the process requested a Chinese food menu and a renewal of their beer supply. He told me to call Don for the meds, since he was on a Walmart run at that moment anyway, and Biggs for the food and liquor. So I called Don first to get the meds taken care of, then I tried the number Roger had given me to call Biggs... but ended up connecting to someone completely different. >__>;;; Thanks a lot, Roger (and sorry, whoever I called!)... so I texted him back to get the right number, but by then Biggs was at our door anyway, ready to escort us to the band's interviews. Oh well. >>

It was all good, because the band then decided they wanted to pose for pictures with Biggs and Dave before we headed downstairs. Now, in case I didn't mention it before, Biggs and Dave are BIG guys. The band referred to them as the Big Bears. XD And when Daisuke joined them to pose for his picture, he pretty much only came up to their armpits, LOL. So the guys said "We could pick you up..." and started gesturing to indicate that, and Daisuke, adorable agreeable little thing that he is, was all "Ohh yeah yeah :D!" and hopped right over to them to get into position. XD I was ridiculously happy when picture later ended up on Daisuke's blog, LOL.

Anyway... with the photo ops done, we were on our way to the interviews. Thankfully these were taking place right in the hotel, in the green room reserved by con staff on the second floor, so it was a quick and easy trip down. But unfortunately they had to leave Yuichi behind working on a new background track to use at the concert, since there was no way Daisuke was gonna be able to get through the setlist they'd planned with his throat as it was T_T... so there was no Yuichi at the interviews, but they both went very well anyway. The first one got started just a few minutes late, but it didn't cause any problems - the interviewer was from WOLR Radio, the same one I met last year when she interviewed Suicide Ali, and she was very cool about the whole thing. Gave me my own copy of the interview questions so I'd be prepared, just like she did last year. :D And yeah... after that interview she had them record a station ID, and that pretty much took care of that. Smooth sailing so far. ^^

There was a bit of a break while the next interviewer got set up, and I started hearing my name coming up among the band members... so I looked at them like "huh?" and saw all these bright-eyed, smiling faces looking at me... and long story short, they were absolutely impressed with how I'd handled the interview - relaying everything so they could easily understand, remembering everything they'd said even in the really long answers (and Daisuke gave a lot of those lol), and whatnot. I was so happy. T___T But if I did kick butt in these interviews it was only because, as I said about the panel, these guys somehow make it absolutely fan-friggin-tastically EASY. They're just the best to work with. *clings to them*

But yes... after a few minutes of setup, the second interview began. This one ran into a couple little fumbles, such as when the camera they used to record it for easier transcribing later decided to die halfway through, and when my phone went off in the middle of giving an answer. >>;; I had it on vibe mode, of course, but it was still embarrassing *flop* Everyone laughed it off though, lol. But yeah, this interview ran a bit shorter than the first one... it was pretty fun though, since they had found some creative little ways to write their questions... like "How did you feel about coming to America? Excited? Nervous? ...Hungry?" and such. :3 The band was very amused by those, hehe.

I don't remember too many specific questions from the interviews, except the usual stuff like their band name, how they got together, thoughts on America, future plans, songwriting process... though one strong impression I picked up from the interviews in general, and even the conversations in between, was that these guys had the BEST attitudes toward everything here in the States. They were so excited and impressed by everything, wanted to see everything and meet everyone, wanted to experience stuff they couldn't in Japan... and even Daisuke was determined to enjoy every moment to the fullest despite his torn-up throat preventing him from singing as per his usual best. Such amazing people, have I mentioned this? ♥ Another neat little moment I remember was when, in the answer to one question, they said they had checked out the Nekocon website before coming here to get an idea of what to expect, and seeing all that stuff firsthand now was like a dream come true. Aww. :D It was also interesting when, while explaining the use of the "bee" theme in their album titles (Hachi, "bee," and Doku, "venom"), they said all their album titles for the foreseeable future would have something to do with bees - whether it be honey, flowers, stripes, anything bee-related. Neat. :D

So the second interview wrapped up pretty much right on schedule at 3:30, and we were all ready to head back upstairs. The band needed to meet up in Yuichi and Hiro's room to work out setlist stuff for that evening's concert, so I sent the Chinese menu that Biggs had brought me along with them and let them do their thing while I chilled in my room for a while. Sometime within the next hour Don arrived at my door with the throat spray I'd requested, so I hopped next door to deliver it to Daisuke. He was immensely grateful and immediately asked how he should use it, and wasted no time trying it out. So with that done, I asked them if they had figured out their food orders. They weren't really hungry yet, so it turned out they hadn't... but You sat down with me and wrote down their orders then and there, so that was easily settled. We agreed to give their appetites a bit longer to wake up before ordering, since we still had a few hours off before the concert, and I left them to their work while I returned to my room to chill.

An hour or so later You returned to start making her preparations for the concert, and the first thing I did was ask how Daisuke was doing since he'd used the meds. And she told me that his voice was actually coming out a bit stronger now, so it seemed to be having some effect. :D He still wouldn't be able to sing their entire setlist flawlessly, but if he used it again before the concert, he might fare a little better than he had first thought. So my mind was set at ease a bit with that, and we set about getting ready for the concert again.

Wasn't long before Yuichi came in, and possibly one or two other members, but I'm not sure... but they all took that opportunity to start munching on the cupcakes they'd been given at the Q&A panel (and raving over how yummy they were lol). So, since it seemed their appetites were finally making a comeback, I finally made the call to order their dinner. By the time I was done, only You was left in our room, so preparations resumed... until just a few minutes later when Biggs and Dave came in with a couple armloads of liquor to restock our fridge. Not just beer, but vodka and Jagermeister too. :3 You was so happy she was practically bouncing, LOL. Even better, a few minutes later Yuichi came back in and she showed him the offerings, and he actually giggled and squealed with glee. XDD So they each popped open a beer right away... then Biggs and Dave left, as did Yuichi, and You resumed her concert preparations again.

A bit later Roger sent Female Angel to our room to check on our preparation progress and stuff. I guess it was a good thing she came, because she informed me that the concert would be starting at 8:00, not 9:00 like I'd been told earlier, which put the band in a pretty tight pinch to get ready in time. I relayed that to You and she immediately trotted out to inform the other members, and they all doubled up their prep speed. It didn't take too long after that for their dinner orders to arrive, but You decided they'd hold off and reheat them after the concert since they were pressed for time now, and they'd just get by on some of the sweets and snacks and drinks in our room until then. :x

So Angel basically stayed around for the remaining hour or so while the band finished getting ready, making conversation about the con so far, schedules, etc... and acting as a liaison between me and Roger, lol. Through her Roger had me constantly going into Daisuke's room prodding him for equipment/lighting instructions, setlist changes, etc etc while he was trying to get ready. e_e;;; Yeah, I know Roger needed that info so the engineers in the concert hall could start getting things set up to save them some line check time, and it couldn't be helped that they had to change the setlist on short notice because of Daisuke's throat, but I felt so bad for having to barge in on him a million times and keep rushing him like that... gah.

But at last the band's preparations started to wrap up and members began to join us in the hallway ready to head out. Daisuke was the last to finish up, since he had all that extra setlist revising to do and his makeup takes the longest to finish in the first place... and I was totally ready to apologize for rushing him when he came out, but he beat me to it by apologizing for the delay as soon as he came out of his room. Darn it, Daisuke. T_T Oh, and I think it was while we were meeting up here that Hiro was talking to the other members about how he'd found the bank earlier. Apparently we weren't supposed to turn right at the gas station - the directions were to go past the gas station a bit, and the bank would be ON the right. Ohh. >>; And yeah, I'm pretty sure that was the first and only instance of a band member wandering off somewhere alone without asking me first, LOL. Figures it would be Hiro. :P

So yeah... long story short, we didn't make it to the stage quite as early as Roger wanted, but we weren't necessarily "late" since we were allowing an extra half hour before everything anyway. Still, with such a tight schedule, they weren't given very much time for their last line check. Not much else to say about that, other than how rushed it was... and of course, once again they had to meet a few VIP pass winners after it was over. By the time that was done it was only minutes before Roger had to jump on stage to introduce them... so once again they got together for their little pre-concert joined-hands circle cheer, I found my way out to the main floor to watch as the band took the stage, and the second concert was underway.

I should mention here that the one major difference from the previous night's show was that, while they wore their Hachi costumes on Friday, they took the stage in their new Doku costumes on Saturday. :D And the major similarity with the previous night: they pretty much rocked the house down and had the time of their lives doing it. ^___^ Unfortunately I can't say everything went 100% smoothly - there were a couple instances where they went a beat or two out of sync with their background track, one where they even had to stop in the middle of the song answer and start over x_x - but they totally kept cool about it and went on like nothing had even happened. Such pros. ♥ Still, I ran backstage (as had Roger) just in case there was any problem that needed fixing... and the security guy on that side actually stopped me to check my badge. First time that had happened all weekend. XD; He was cool once he realized who I was with, though... said he figured I was probably with the band, but just wanted to make sure. Was kinda funny once it was all over, haha.

But yeah, everything turned out to be ok and they continued the show as normal, so I returned to my spot off to the edge of the audience to resume watching. The other unfortunate occurrence was when Roger was forced to run up to the stage between songs and tell the band that the hall was only giving them 20 more minutes. x__x Their setlist had been shortened to begin with due to Daisuke's throat, so I'm not sure if they had to actually cut anything to meet that limitation, but if they did, it wasn't noticeable. They just carried on and finished out the show like normal - once again, like absolute pros.

They had a great time doing it too, clearly. I saw two of the members, first Tak and then Daisuke, jump off the stage and plunge into the crowd... and later Yuichi found himself cornered at his end of the stage by Tak, who edged in closer and closer... until he finally gave him a kiss and then ran away. The crowd, of course, went wild. XD Also, I didn't see exactly how or when it happened, but by the time they were wrapping up and walking off the stage I noticed that Tak was naked from the waist up. XD;; They just had a total blast up there, took advantage of the huge stage and the awesome crowd to go as crazy as their hearts desired, and it was amazing to watch. A few little burps along the way, but overall, an absolute success. ♥

When it was over and they left the stage, I joined them to find them all looking like the happiest people in the world - smiling and cheering and high-fiving and hand-shaking with the crew, sharing tackle-hugs with Roger and Male Angel, laughing about the Tak/Yuichi fanservice at the end XD... and ah. Their happiness was contagious. T__T Yuichi was the first to come over to me with a big happy "Otsukaresama~~~ :D" and a two-handed handshake, then he pulled me into a big happy hug and I told him they were awesome and he said "It's all thanks to you!" and awwwww. ^_____^ Then he went to join the other members cleaning up, and Daisuke was the next to reach for both my hands in an ecstatic, two-handed, gratefully bowing handshake, smiling from ear to ear and thanking me for everything and ghkdsghksdah I love these people... *explodes*

Anyway, finally they all headed out to the big empty hallway outside the main events room to touch up their makeup and such. While they were doing that, Male Angel (I think) came to tell me that we'd be putting on a little production for Roger's video camera when we walked the band out to their signing table. They were getting us a few of the con security guys, all donned in military gear with big fake-yet-realistic guns and everything, to escort them out like bigtime rock stars. Haha, fun times. So yeah, he sent me back to relay that to the band... and when I found them in that back hallway, I barely got to explain the plan to them before they were breaking out cameras and asking me to take pictures, lol. Then, even better, they all wanted to pose for individual shots with me. :D;;; *felt loved* Best part was when Hiro came to ask me for a picture and continued with his habit of calling me "Becky-san," and then the other members started copying him and doing the same thing when calling me over to take pictures with them, until finally You picked on them for it and we all laughed. XD

We were still taking pictures when Male Angel found us to check if we were ready to put on our little production. I explained the scenario to them again, including Roger's instructions to act like total bigshots when they walked by the camera, and finally we were ready to go. So the security guys led the way and out we went past Roger's camera. We paused a bit right before the doors to the hallway for Roger to play up their entrance, and in that moment Daisuke handed me his video camera and asked me to film everything while their signing event was going on. Soooo I did, lol... I ran around filming the band, the staff, the signing, the merch sales, the audience, the line for autographs extending all the way to the end of the hallway, etc, right up until his camera battery ran out.

Not much else of note to mention about the signing event - upon ending it smoothly continued into the usual photo op, and with that done, Saturday's work came to a close and the con security guys escorted us back to the hotel. Along the way some of our own staff told me to let the band know that they were welcome to go back and check out the rave, and con staff told me to let them know they were also invited to the con staff party down in the green room (where our interviews had been earlier). Some of the band members were ready to sit and chill for a while, and after a few minutes Hiro was the first to decide he wanted to go check out the rave. With his makeup still on. XD I told him we'd send security with him, but he said nah, he'd be ok, and off he went, painted face and all. XDD

So yeah, soon enough the rest of the band was gathered in our room again for reheated Chinese, drinks, and partying... and it wasn't long before the rest of our staff wandered in as well. Including Don and Roger, both Angels, and two other merch booth helpers, Aimee and Eve. The first thing I recall being involved in was when Male Angel took interest in Daisuke's tattoos, and had me come over to interpret a little conversation between them about that. Specifically he had a dragon on his left forearm that Angel found absolutely gorgeous... so Daisuke explained that the design came from some wood carving on a famous shrine in Japan that he loved. He also showed us the Medusas he had on each upper arm and another dragon on his leg, saying dragons are the best for tattoos because they're good luck, and lots of others. His arms and legs are actually covered with ink. o_o Oh, and my timing is probably off on this one, but there was another moment where a couple of the other staff people were commenting on how tiny Daisuke was... or maybe HE was commenting on how tiny he was, lol... and they were holding up their hands against his, palm to palm, to compare sizes. I've always been told that I have pretty small hands, so I held my hand up to his last... and yeah, his hands ARE smaller than mine. T___T The cuteness is almost lethal...

Soooo anyway, on went the party... eventually some of the band members (mostly You and Tak, I think) asked me once again if I wasn't going to eat any of the Chinese food that was spread out all over the table XD; and Tak found me a clean fork, so I accepted and grabbed a few bites of various stuff, lol. And after some time we were granted the sight of Hiro's triumphant return from the rave, covered in glowsticks and with his makeup half melted off and looking wiped out and thoroughly satisfied with himself... LOL. Hellooooo Twitter shot! XDD

Anyway... that convinced Yuichi to go check out the rave too - with a couple of our staffers instead of alone like Hiro, lol - so things quieted down a bit in our room. Roger took that opportunity to start a loooooong conversation with Daisuke through me, which led to some interesting stories about his history with Media Youth, connections in X Japan, Malice Mizer, and other major bands... etc. .___. Seriously, the man never ceases to amaze me... But all this led to Roger basically telling Daisuke about his own life's dream of directing movies, and about some of the ideas he had been working on for years. He went into intense detail about the story ideas he's always wanted to produce, and Daisuke was 100% attentive and interested and thoroughly impressed by Roger's passion - and of course he gave him advice on following his dreams and staying true to himself and etc etc and agh. That man is so sweet it hurts. ♥

But yeah, this conversation went on for a veeeeeerrrry long time... and Tak sat nearby listening with rapt interest throughout a lot of it. :D Then after a while, when Daisuke's attention was diverted by something or other, Roger kind of flumped back against the wall in exhaustion (he and I were sitting on the floor next to the chair Daisuke was using), and Tak asked him in English, "Tired?" And when Roger nodded, Tak crawled behind him and started massaging his shoulders. T___T Did I mention he's a total sweetheart?

But after a while Yuichi and our staff returned from the rave, and someone finally decided that now would be a good time for everyone to head down to the staff party together. So the whole band, the other staffers, and myself headed that way... and of course, the con staff and guests already inside gave the band a VERY warm welcome. The band mingled and drank (those who do drink) and chatted amongst themselves and all the staffers there, and I mostly lingered nearby sipping on my Gatorade and watching. Before long Yuichi strolled up beside me and pointed out that I was being very quiet. I said yeah, that's me >>... and he went on to comment that I was just like a Japanese person, all calm and reserved instead of loud and crazy like most of the other Americans they'd met here. Some of the other band members nearby agreed with him, and I believe it was You who then went on to rave over how impressed she was at how I'd handled their interviews and stuff. jhbsafhkjb Like I said, these guys were out to give me a major ego inflation all weekend. :S

So after some mingling, we all headed back upstairs... but just a few minutes later some of them (namely You, Yuichi, and Daisuke) decided to head down there again, and I think Tak and Hiro went to bed, leaving me in the room with the rest of our staff and some of the con staff. After a few minutes I went to join You, Yuichi, and Daisuke at the staff party, but they were coming out of the room just as I stepped out of the elevator... so we just headed right back upstairs. >> Our room was still packed when we returned, so I kinda sat on the arm of the chair that Daisuke was sitting in while Yuichi and You sat on the floor at my feet. So I was at the center of our three remaining band members while they once again started raving about how good my Japanese was and how much I resembled a Japanese person and gibjsdkhggkl people stoppiiiiit T_T

So, uh, I guess the party continued, but the TR and con staff in the room far outnumbered the remaining band members and myself, so I had little to contribute. *is boring* Eventually Yuichi decided to go hunting for a drink of water and ended up crashing in his room, lol. However, his presence was replaced by that of half the people who had been in the con staff party downstairs... X_x At least they were all nice people, but yeah... room full of random strangers = not my scene. :x By now You and Daisuke were the only band members left, and the other staff girls and myself were all that remained of the TR crew... but You was the center of conversation among pretty much every non-Japanese male in the room and Daisuke was quickly reaching his limit, so it wasn't long before he headed off to bed.

All in all it was probably at least an hour before everyone cleared out of our room, leaving You and me free to sleep at last. Oh, and those of us on the TR side had been talking earlier about how we'd gained an hour of sleep (or in this case, of party time) since this happened to be the night when daylight savings time ended, so You and I made sure we had the time change straight (she of course didn't know about it since they don't have DST in Japan) before we finally turned in for the night. But even then it was at least 6am before we were finally able to get to sleep. And thus ends the insanity that was Saturday...

Fourth and final part right here!
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