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Writer's Block: One day

How do you feel when a favorite band breaks up? Do you still follow the original band members in their new projects?

I've seen so many of my favorite bands breaking up, losing members, etc since most of the ones I follow are in the indies visual kei scene... and it never seems to get any easier. Probably because I've actually worked with many of the bands that I'm into (as their translator), so when they break up or members quit, there's always the chance I'll lose a good friend (on a business level I mean >> don't worry, I'm not that creepy lol). Kaede of BLOOD comes to mind... he was one of the most amazing bassists I've ever seen, and just an awesome person to hang out with, but since BLOOD called it quits I've pretty much lost all chance of ever seeing him again. I still have contacts with the other two former BLOOD members, but I really miss Kaede sometimes...

Of course, the upside to breakups and member splits in the indies V-kei scene is that most of these guys stay in the business, whether they become support members, start solo projects, or join another band... and sometimes that helps a lot. I was really shocked and sad when I heard the news that Yuu was leaving Suicide Ali in early 2009, but Suicide Ali gained an awesome new bassist from the change, and Yuu came back about a year later with a new band that I grew to love just as much as his former one. So that was a relief... until that band broke up too. -_-; Well, not really... but all the members except Yuu decided to quit. That one REALLY stung me for some reason. I grew really into them really fast, and was psyched to bring them here to the US someday (and confident that we could since Yuu's history with SA earned them enough popularity early on)... but then suddenly it was just all over. I'm still following the departed members to see what new projects they end up with next, and I trust in Yuu's strength and talent to keep his band alive and keep making awesome music, but right now all I can think is that it'll never be the same. I can only hope that the other members join awesome new bands like Yuu did, and that whatever new lineup Yuu ends up with is just as awesome as the original.

Similar story with Luzmelt - they got off to a HUGE start in early 2010, and almost immediately came here for their US debut where I got to work with the five original members and really got to like them. Then over the next few months, three of the members quit. Two of them I'm still following (one I even still talk with on occasion, and he's determined to come back to the US with his new band), but the third one has kind of dropped off the face of the earth. And Luzmelt is left with only two original members plus one new one, and somehow the band has always had a sad, lonely aura about it ever since (from my point of view, anyway).

As for bands I like that I don't work personally for... uh, it's hard to say. It's always sad, of course, but it helps when at least some of the members continue to new projects... and I always have the music they made before they broke up to listen to as often as I want, at least.

...However, if the day ever comes when they tell me Suicide Ali is breaking up, I think I might crawl into a hole to weep and never come out. :\

Wow, this turned into a heck of a rant. Probably makes even less sense to you guys than it does to me. This is what I get for opening Livejournal at 4am in the middle of my neverending battle with insomnia...
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