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So I never update this anymore...

Mostly I just wanted to whine about how I was down all day yesterday with the headache of doom, which didn't go away until evening and left the rest of my being feeling generally disgusting. Then I went to bed and it decided to hit me with a nice shot of nausea that kept me awake until dawn, so I skipped whatever morning Mother's Day plans I had in favor of trying to sleep off whatever this stupid thing is. Sorry, Mom. In the end I couldn't even get back to sleep anyway.

This weekend sucks. As in, all the life out of what little reserves I had to spare.

In other news, the first draft of my Tekko report came out to 52 pages. That's only a few pages shorter than this last Nekocon report. All things considered, I have NO idea how it ended up that long. >_> ...Actually, no, I do. It's all the ranting. But the public version will be drastically shorter, I'm sure.

Guess I should attempt to eat something now...
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