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Friday Five for the heck of it

Seems today's theme is birthdays...

1. Do you really make wishes when you blow out the candles on your cake? It's been so long since I had a birthday cake, I can't really remember, but I'm gonna go with no. Might have once or twice, but I would've been so young at the time I can't be sure.

2. Have any of the wishes ever come true, if yes? Not if memory serves

3. How do you feel about birthdays? (e.g. love the attention, just another day, don't want anyone to know my real age, etc.) With regards to my own birthday, it's pretty much just another day. My family was never really the type to celebrate birthdays after adulthood, or even after a certain point in adolescence, so I don't think much of it when mine rolls around. So I don't expect a lot of attention or gifts, though I appreciate it immensely (all the more, in fact) when they do come. ♥ And as for other people's birthdays... I kinda fail at gift-giving, partially because I'm broke, but I do like to at least send a word of congrats, appreciation, etc when someone close to me is celebrating. Just to let them know I'm happy to have them around for another year... kinda thing.

4. Tell us a favorite gift you've received, or something you'd really like for your next birthday. My favorite gift of the ones I've gotten in recent years was a simple, sweet happy birthday message from someone who really didn't have to send one. ♥ And for my next birthday... a trip to Japan would be nice *cough*

5. What flavor cake? This flavor:


*goes back to writing con reports* ... *unnecessary squee*
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