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*is a happy puddle*

Ok, what was I so freaked out about?

...Oh, yeah. The 12 hour drive thing.

And all I have to say about that now is: whatever.

I was worried as to whether The Sound Bee HD would make this con worth that ridiculous drive?

I would drive ALL DAY to work for them again.

Hands down, best con experience I've ever had. The only thing I regret is that the long drive meant we rolled into Hampton too late for me to go with Roger to the airport to pick up the band. But everything still worked out. Better than worked out. Everything was AMAZING. Even after the 12 hour drive home, split up at the 3/4 point by a brief motel sojourn, I still came home so happy I felt like I was floating.

That pretty much says it all for now. Nekocon 13 was the best con I've ever staffed. The Sound Bee HD was the best and sweetest and easiest bunch of people I've ever worked with. And most important of all, they were 100% happy with the way everything went and asserted that they wouldn't have had us change a thing. That they felt no stress whatsoever the entire time they were here, only happiness and fun and laughter and smiles, and that they didn't want to leave when it was over. The hugs and tears and promises to keep in touch pretty much said it all. I don't know what can be more gratifying than that.

I've written up the first day of my report, and have rough "outlines" for the remaining days. Will probably try to scrape up a public version as usual when it's done. And yeah, unlike Tekko, I took notes at every spare moment I got throughout the entire weekend to ensure that I wouldn't forget half of the good stuff. If you thought that report was long and rambly, just wait. >_>

*sigh* I miss Daisuke's laugh...
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